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  Presenting For The Very First Time...The Definitive Wii Unlocking Kit and Homebrew Software Package
Ever Released Period...
Your Only Seconds Away From...

Safely Unlocking Your Wii with NO Modchip!
(Works with System Menu 4.2+ out of the box)

Installing Homebrew Applications and Games

Playing Downloaded, Backup, + Imported 
    Games From the Disc Channel

Burning Your Own Backup Discs and Playing 
    Them On Your Wii Console

Playing N64, SNES, Sega and More Games
    from other Consoles on your Wii with
    specially made Emulators

Turning Your Wii Into The Ultimate Media
    Center with DVD and Music Playback Capability

Loading Multiple Games onto a USB Hard
    Drive and Playing them without the Disc

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From the Mii Plaza of
creator and developer

Hey Gamer! My name is Sean, and today I'm going to help YOU easily unlock your Wii faster and safer than anyone else!!

My website is going to show those interested in playing backup games and how to install homebrew, the perfect step-by-step program for YOU today!

So if you've been itching to find a way to have more fun with your Wii - from running emulators to turning it into a media center - please read this whole page today and you'll see why this is the perfect solution for you.

My Wii Unlock Plus software and manuals are going to take YOU by the hand, and show you how to do all of the above and more with easy & fully illustrated '1-2-3' steps! Ready? Here's the first benefit I want you to look at...

With the way games keep getting more expensive, and with the current economy, RIGHT NOW is the best time to get ahead of the crowd and unlock your Wii without a mod-chip.

Have you seen the professional mod chip installation services and premodded consoles that you can now buy for a few hundred dollars?


Forget that!

Today, YOU are going to learn how to unlock your OWN Wii console for just pennies on the dollar instead! Wii Unlock Plus is your only complete step by step manual that is a full color, fully illustrated DIY series, and includes every single step to unlock your Wii from your home with our brand new, idiot-proof wii unlocking and homebrew software!


So? Have you challenged the system before? Do YOU have an unlocked Wii game system already?

Chances are you have been interested in finding out exactly how to safely unlock your Nintendo Wii and do things like play region-free backup games, DVDs, MP3s, and homebrew apps for a long time, but have yet to discover a reliable source of information that will answer your difficult questions about Wii unlocking. 

You may have even tried several Wii unlocking programs in the past only to follow them to the tee and not have any success,  or considered paying for a modchip installation service or buying a pre-modded console, but didn't because of the outrageous price or the fact that modchips will void the warranty on your console, but you decided to keep searching hoping that you would find that one solution that will help you unlock all the hidden benefits that your Wii has to offer....

Great news! You can finally STOP your search and SAVE money too!
Your Only Seconds Away From...
Safely Unlocking Your Wii with NO Modchip!
(Works with System Menu 4.2+ out of the box)
Installing Homebrew Applications and Games

Playing Downloaded, Backup, + Imported 
    Games From the Disc Channel
Burning Your Own Backup Discs and Playing 
    Them On Your Wii Console
Playing N64, SNES, Sega and More Games
    from other Consoles on your Wii with
    specially made Emulators
Turning Your Wii Into The Ultimate Media
    Center with DVD and Music Playback Capability
Loading Multiple Games onto a USB Hard
    Drive and Playing them without the Disc
Wii Unlock Plus has everything you need to open up a whole new world of entertainment to you and get 5 times more fun from your Wii - the best part, you never have to install a modchip or any other additional hardware! 

Wii Unlock Plus is a software unlocking method (AKA a 'softmod' in the wii homebrew community) so you can quickly and safely unlock your Nintendo console without having to physically modify your console...


no modchipYOU DON'T need to open up your Wii and solder in an expensive modchip.  Installing a mod chip such as Wii Key is extremely risky and will void your warranty.

YOU DON'T ever need a copy of Zelda: Twilight Princess* for Wii - or any other game for that matter - which saves you cash!zelda twilight princess wii game

*Beware of outdated wii unlocking techniques that exploit a glitch in this Zelda game, and thus require you to buy or rent a copy to unlock your wii.

YOU DON'T need to be an expert programmer.  In fact you don't need any experience, and certainly no formal education - whether you're a high school drop-out or a qualified IT professional, it doesn't stop you from utilizing our proven software to unlock you Wii today.

YOU DON'T need to fork out a lot of extra money.  All you need is a working internet connection and a SD card (which we'll show you where to get for under $5 if you don't have one already) to transfer our software from your computer to your Wii console.


Actually, it's beyond easy.  You are about to be handed a way to unlock your Wii console that is so simple, even.... A Cave Man Can Do It!


1. Join the Wii Unlock Plus club.
2. Download the software to unlock your Wii, watch the videos and read the manual.
3. Start unlocking your Wii and get ready to enjoy the benefits!



I'm not kidding when I say, Unlocking Is Just The Beginning!  You are about to be exposed to a slew of mind-blowing, never-before-possible features that you can access only when you unlock your console with Wii Unlock Plus. 

I've unlocked my friends consoles and they could not believe all features they've gained.  One friend who was obsessed with being able to play his backup games, and was considering paying over $450 for a pre-modded console.  I told him to save his money and let me take a look first. He let me work my magic with the very same software that you'll get when you order Wii Unlock Plus and lo and behold, one happy friend who no longer had the urge to spend hundreds of dollars on a modded Wii!

Take a look at some of the benefits that I unlocked for my friend - and now YOU can too...


Compatible With Wii Version 4.0green tickYOU CAN now unlock any Wii console worldwide with no hardware modification and no modchip. Wii Unlock Plus is designed for Wii Update 4.2+!

YOU CAN turn your Wii into a home media center with support for many popular music and video formats including MP3, AVI, MP4, etc.

green tick
play all homebrew applications and games including customer favorites like the Homebrew Channel, Wii Earth, and Pong.

green tickYOU CAN
play legal downloaded games, backup games, and even imported games.

green tickYOU CAN
play games from all regions including USA (NTSC) and Europe (PAL).

green tickYOU CAN
play games from N64, SNES, Sega Genesis and other classic consoles.

green tickYOU CAN play legal backup and downloaded GameCube games.

And Much, Much More...

What you are about to get access to is so powerful that it has been kept under wraps by the "inner circle" of the wii homebrew community and is only being made available to outsiders for a very limited time.  That's why YOU must act now before we are forced to take Wii Unlock Plus off the market for good...

free wii unlocking guideI want In Before You Close This Offer Down!

If you're someone who wants to be on the inside of what is changing the way people experience Wii as we know it - you won't want to miss out!


Don't want to read the eBook? Or maybe you just want extra clarification to make sure you're staying on course as you unlock your Wii?  Our top notch Quick-Start Video Series will literally hold you by the hand every step of the way as you unlock your Wii so there is no chance you mess up.  Since these videos took a lot of time to produce, we had planned to offer them as an add-on package for $47, but now are offering them to you for a very limited time at no extra cost!

(Only $47 FREE When You Order Wii Unlock Plus Today!)

The Quick-Start Video Series is a brand new part of the Wii Unlock Plus kit. These videos have been designed to help the complete novice.

If you have no idea how to unlock your Wii then this video series will be priceless to you. As you are watching the videos you can pause/rewind to certain parts to refresh your memory.

Disc 1 - In "Getting Started" you will learn how to unlock your Wii, with step-by-step, easy to follow video instructions.

Disc 2 - Learn how to play homebrew games, turn your wii into a media center, and much more for maximum fun!

New - Includes DVD quality screen captures that give you an over-the-shoulder look at exactly how I unlock my very own Wii console.

free wii unlocking video

  You Didn't Think I Was Going To Stop There? Did You? Wait Till You See What's Coming Next.. .... .  
A $97 Value, Yours FREE When YOU Act Now and Order Today!
This offer is extremely limited, so secure your copy before its too late...

free homebrew downloads database

You're going to need homebrew games and apps to run on your Wii after its unlocked, and this special bonus will have you downloading all the latest homebrew software directly to your Wii via Wi-Fi from a verified database.

This bonus is one of my personal favorites because it saves you hours of searching through homebrew web sites for an app that might not even be compatible with your system. 

With Homebrew Database you will be able to browse and download homebrew games and applications directly from your Wii in no time.


Tired of the way the standard Wii system menu looks?  Wish you could chose from dozens of cool themes for wii to match your rooms decor?  Want to customize your wii? You’ll be blown away by our giant collection of custom wii themes that will transform the way you experience your wii system menu forever.  You can download them all instantly from inside the members area.

"If your friends are like mine, they will be begging you to let them know how they can pimp out their wii console’s with

cool system menu themes!"


Want in? The next 250 100 64 people to order Wii Unlock Plus will automatically get access to the Wii Themes Club FREE.  We are selling like Wii on launch day, so if you want to lock in your spot, you'd better act now!



free wii cheats game guide

Finding all of the cheat codes, unlockables, and strategies you need to dominate your favorite Wii games can be a daunting task, but not anymore with my updated, 226 page Wii Cheats Handbook And Game Guide fully-loaded with the latest games like:

Animal Crossing: City Folk
Call of Duty: WaW
Guitar Hero
Mario Kart Wii
Tiger Woods PGA Tour and more

With a Digital Copy of the Ultimate Guide to Nintendo Wii Cheat Codes with well over 5000+ Wii cheats, hints, unlockables, FAQs, and guides for more than 600 Wii games at your finger tips, you wont have to spend hours searching the net, so you can spend more time playing!

HOT - Now includes TOP SECRET Game Info:

Discover a secret glitch that lets more than one person to be the same character in Mario Kart?

When you're KO'd in Punch-Out!, quickly press __ to save yourself.




Get an automatic 91 pin strike Bowling in Wii Sports.

Secret alternative ____ area to explore with thousands of points worth of Gold Targets to shoot in Link's Crossbow Training.

Plus dozens of other shocking game secrets that will impress your friends!

wii unlocking

To make this the absolute best Wii unlocking package on earth, and remove that last bit of doubt that you're feeling, I've negotiated with 7 of the best world-renowned wii software developers on the planet, to offer several of their "must have" Wii apps to you as bonuses with this package. However, the deal I negotiated with them only allows me to offer these for free to my next 77 customers.

"So, if you are one of the next 77 48 people to take me up on this offer, you'll receive ALL of these 7 "Must Have" Wii Apps worth over $200 absolutely FREE!"

7 must have wii apps including homebrew installer backup launcher usb loader and wii paint

Rollover Each App To Learn More!

Wii Unlock Plus Membership Card

Our Wii Unlocking kit keeps getting better as we constantly update it and add MORE amazing content to it. So as another way of saying thank you - you're going to receive FREE UPDATES of our kit, and in the future when we launch new products and additions - you will NEVER have to pay for them!

That's right! And to make it even sweeter - you can rest assured that when new stuff comes out - my current members will get the info FIRST and a good month or two before anyone else is even allowed to see it!

All you need to do is visit your private members page and all the new content will be ready for you, all for free.


"Unlock Your Wii or Your Money Back"

Here’s my promise to you:  Download the software today....  Try unlocking your console (I'll show you how, step-by-step) and see how much more fun your Wii can be.  It doesn't matter if your new to the homebrew scene or if your a seasoned expert.  Just give it a shot. 

If you're not happy, for ANY reason at all in the next 60 days, just contact our support team (we don't hide it, you'll see the link on the download page) and I will buy it back.  No ifs, ands or buts.  You'll get a refund of every nickel.

free wii unlocking guideOkay, I'm Convinced This Is For Real Now...  I'm Ready To Give Wii Unlock Plus a Try!

Does that sound fair?  You get 60 risk-free days to see with your own eyes the benefits of Wii Unlock Plus.  As long as you're serous about unlocking your Wii and cranking the fun factor up several notches, I guarantee you'll be thrilled.


And I can make this promise with 100% confidence in my offer because…I am THAT SURE that you will NEVER find another wii unlocking guide out there on the internet today that can even compare to mine.

And most importantly... I can make this promise to you because Wii Unlock Plus is a labor of love, a complete system  I’ve been working on for over six months and the culmination of more than 3 years of experience in the Wii homebrew community.  I know that when you get access to it, you will find the vast experience and knowledge I‘ve packed into it both enlightening and inspiring.

Understand this: I don’t want your money unless it actually works for you!


I know what you're thinking... So how much is this entire package going to cost me? Well, as you can see, the value of everything you have seen on my website, including the Wii Unlock Plus software, guide, and videos as well as the bonus package, is over $475.00.

Don't worry, I'm not going to charge anywhere near that!

To be fair, my friends recommended that I charge at least the price of a decent mod chip or about $67 for this package.  But I want to be more than fair...

I wanted to make this program affordable for everyone, and a wise investment in your Wii console, and your entertainment for life!  For that reason, I'm offering the complete Wii Unlock Plus package in addition to all 12 bonuses valued at $479.80, for only $59.99 total for the entire package.

...BUT because I'm really excited about the launch, I'll cut the price even further and give you a 50% DISCOUNT ! That means if you purchase today you'll pay the super-low, deeply discounted price of just $29.97.


Simply click the "ADD TO CART" below to checkout and download all this goodness...

This introductory launch price is nothing compared to the amount of money that you will save by being able to play backup and homebrew games!

Still Not Sure?. . .

I'm not going to lie to you – this is a big opportunity for you – but if you don't act fast, other gamers are going to beat you to it. Just imagine everyone out there who is reading my site and downloading the unlocking software as we speak.

YOU could be one of the few with the secrets to success now... or you could be struggling behind the curve when everyone else is unlocking their wii consoles...

Don't waste another minute – My entire Wii Unlock Package including the videos and bonuses can be yours for only $29.97 today. This is your best chance make your dream of unlocking your wii come true. Grab it like a Wii Fit on Black Friday and run with it...

This is what I want YOU to do now.. . .

Click on the 'Add To Cart' button below.  You will then be directed to ClickBank's secured web page to complete the transaction.  Follow the instruction and fill in your purchase details.  The complete Wii Unlock Plus package is ready for download in the Member's Area after you click the confirmation button.

 Yes!  Please Give Me Instant Access to the Wii Unlock Plus Software, Video Series, and Bonuses for ONLY $29.97!

I understand...

 I will pay via a secured ClickBank order form so my payment details are safe.

 My satisfaction is 100% Guaranteed, and I can try Wii Unlock Plus risk-free for 60 days.  If it isn't for me, I will get a refund of my money NO QUESTIONS ASKED and get to keep the bonuses for free!


  clickbank paypal

Problems or questions?  Contact me at support@wiiunlockplus.com



Sean Fisher





P.S. Remember, You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. You can unlock your Wii and get all the bonuses for less than the price of a mod chip - and $100s less than it would cost to pay for a modchip installation service  - And remember we have an Iron Clad, Money Back Guarantee so there's no risk.  Try Wii Unlock Plus Now - 100% Risk Free!

P.P.S. Check out these testimonials I have recently received from Gamers just like YOU!

"Hi, my name is Jason.  I am a Sophomore in High School from Tampa FL, and I just wanted to say that Wii Unlock Plus rocks!!! I was able to unlock my wii console in under 25 minutes with your video guide.  Besides playing backup games, my favorite part is the custom themes.  My friends were so jealous that they all went online and joined your site."


"I had been looking to buy a modchip to play my downloaded wii ISO files when I found your site.  At first, I was skeptical because from what I had read online I needed a modchip to run my wii backups, but I tried your wii unlocking software anyway and it worked as advertised.  Thanks for your help with getting my console unlocked without a modchip - Laura."


P.P.P.S. This opportunity can't last long.  Wii Unlock Plus Membership is extremely limited and from the great reviews we have been receiving we expect a full sell-out very very soon!  If you can still see the Add To Cart button above, click it now to secure your place at the current price.  Once all memberships are sold out and the price goes up, there is nothing I can do.

Take Action Now - Even if much of what I've discussed seems new to you or even if you've never considered unlocking your own wii console before.  This is the real deal - the original complete soft-mod solution for unlocking your wii - If this is your first big adventure into homebrew then make the best decision you can take online.  You'll save months of trial and error by getting it right first time.

This special offer is going to END at any time now and DOUBLE in price.

It's your final chance.


Don't regret it later... Opportunities like this don't pass by often.

Think about it - Yes you could easily invest $50 or more on a wii modchip... Then spend the next 3 or 4 weeks waiting for it to be shipped to your door step...  And another 2 or 3 weeks figuring out how to install it.  It might work but it'd be 1 months+ before you see any results.

Don't go through all that when YOU can join Wii Unlock Plus, download my software instantly inside the members area, and start unlocking your Wii in minutes!

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